Build more than sandcastles. Build a bike with your kids!

Sandwichbike mini: a fun DIY balance bike experience for children and their parents. Open the flat-pack box with all the necessary parts and tools, and have an unforgettable family experience. Assemble this sustainable design piece by piece. No advanced DIY skills needed.

Riding a balance bike is fun and helps your child develop skills needed for a pedal bike. Besides, it’s pure joy to watch your little one ride this wooden design structure. The Sandwichbike mini is related to the award-winning Sandwichbike.

Unique in appearance and function

  • Small packaging (45x45x15cm)
  • Easy to assemble (in 3 steps)
  • Easy to adjust in heights (for children 2-5)
  • Play full first lesson in mechanics
  • Eco-friendly material and packaging

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