Yksi Expo Store

Yksi Expo Store exposes Sandwichbikes

In Eindhoven, at Yksi it is all about design. The Yksi team operates as a design office, organises exhibitions and runs a design shop (also online).The Yksi designers are on the move all the time to develop their skills and search for new inspiration. Yksi was among the founding fathers of the Dutch Design Week and the Designhuis (House of Design) in Eindhoven and organised presentations all over The Netherlands and abroad, for example in Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Bratislava (Slovakia), Tallinn (Estonia) and Moscow (Russia).

From the 1st of june 2016 Sandwichbikes is esposed in the Yksi Expo store.

Address: Torenallee 22-04, 5617 BD Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Website: www.yksi.nl