Walnut Veneer limited edition

Driven by the will to create unique bicycles of high quality and with attention to detail, we developed a limited edition of our multiple award winning Sandwichbike. Handcrafted polished aluminum parts along with Walnut Veneer panels, form the deluxe, electrical Sandwichbikes Walnut Veneer limited edition.

This luxurious bicycle features a complete set of handcrafted parts and will be manually assembled. The Sandwichbikes Walnut Veneer limited edition is a Dutch Design original of exceptional refinement and made with sophisticated materials; it makes the bicycle a true collector’s item.

After the introduction in Monaco the Walnut Veneer was showcased on the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy. We will only make 25 Sandwichbikes of the Walnut Veneer edition.

Please send an email to info@sandwichbikes.com for order information and prices..

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Our Walnut Veneer limited edition features

•      A fully integrated ZEHUS electric hub with a powerful Vehicle Control Unit

•      ZEHUS iPhone app for battery, engine and speed information

•      Handcrafted polished aluminium Sandwichbikes parts

•      Exclusively made all weather coated PEFC approved Walnut Veneer panels

•      Coaster brake and front calliper brake

•      Brooks Cambium saddle and grips

•      Unique, award winning design

Información adicional

Peso 17 kg
Dimensiones 94 × 70 × 24 cm